Gemma Diet – Adult Medium & Large Breeds | Dry

Specific dietetic croquettes for adult dogs of medium-large size. The complete and balanced formula “Acti Plus Body Mass Management” meets the nutritional needs for the muscular tone control and prevents the accumulation of body weight in adult dogs.


Available in packs of 3 kg and 12,5 kg.

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Key nutraceutic factors and achieved benefits



– Fish: not commonly used protein source
– High biological value: high digestibility, essential amino acids and Taurine
– Rich in essential fatty acids


– Anti-inflammatory effects: it blunts the AFR symptoms
– It reduces the joint pains: stimulus to the movement
– Essential elements for skin and hair


– Prevention of WEIGHT GAIN
– CARDIAC work support: efficiency enhancement and fatigue reduction


– Extracellular matrix synthesis: type II collagen (endurance) and aggrecans (elasticity)
– Inhibition of the degradative enzymes (MMP-1)


– Reduction of the inflammation damages and of triggering events of oxidative stress
– Anti-Aging: protection of the cellular membranes


– Proteins 26%: maintenance of the muscle tone
– Fats 13%: prevention of weight gain


Using Gemma Diet Adult Medium & Large Breeds in the daily and long-term nutrition guarantees the complete fulfillment of nutritional needs in adult dogs of medium and large size, who can be permanently nourished with this product that supplies important nutrients promoting and supporting their cardiac health.

Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts, cynognostic and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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Gemma diet Adult Medium & Large Breeds | Dry
Special quality diet pet food | Nutraceutic program ocean fish planned
Complete dietetic pet food for dogs of medium & large breeds suitable for the reduction of food intolerance to animal proteins having terrestrial origin.
Fish meal (20%), husked rice, wheat middlings, maize, maize middlings, soya meal, oils and fats, dried beet pulp, hydrolysed animal proteins, brewers’ yeast, minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides, glucosamine (0,1%).


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