Company Profile

Company profile


The production and trade site of the company is strategically located in the middle of Po Valley in the province of Mantua. The headquarters is in Ostiglia (Mantua) and is on an industrial area of about 32000 square meters, covering a total area of 10000 square meters. The strategic geographical location (center of collection of the best national cereals and of the slaughter of the best meats) and the continuous company’s longterm investment in research and technological innovation, help reach the ideal combination between the very important agro-food tradition, renowned for the high quality of its raw materials, and the continuous innovation based on the most up-dated scientific research.

The pursuit of 0-km quality represents, in fact, a real guarantee of the best quality as far as pet-food production is concerned, as well as an effective support for research and development.

Gheda Petfood has always taken care of animal health and wellness through its specific company policy, which can be summarized in the following three key points:

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Correspondance of our product and of our service to Customer’s requests and the implicit correspondance to the mandatory standards and regulations applicable to our business sector;
  • Reserch and Development
    Sistematic pursuit towards the continuous improvement and optimization of the organization, of the production processes and of the management, in order to increase the know-how and to promote the advanced design of innovative products;
  • Quality Management System
    The Organized Quality Mangement System guarantees:

    • definition and planning of the basic requirements;
    • the development of the requirements connected to the management and operating processes;
    • the correct documentation, implementation and updating of processes through documented procedures and other documentation on paper and / or electronic format;
    • the identification of indicators to monitor and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities, as well as to allow the setting of the improvement targets;
    • the identification of the sequence and interactions between activities and processes, mainly through flowcharts.


Company mission


Growing animals, nourishing them well and with love is the commitment of every person who brings up animals with passion. This is the same passion that inspires us every day. Our mission is to provide animals flexible, long-lasting and unique benefits as far as nutrition is concerned, in order to promote their well-being and health.

Our growth path has sharpened our knowledge in the design of higher quality special foods. In order to maintain its own leadership Gheda Petfood keep investing in research, technology and development of new products.

The innovation ability, the knowledge and the experience of expert nutritionists, the high production technology and the quality care represent for Gheda Petfood the best guarantee to meet the growing needs of the market, to face the changes of animals’ needs and those of their owners.