Marketing and communication

Immagine-MKT-e-comunicazione-2To convert the company mission in market development strategies, Gheda Petfood pays attention to how to make products combining quality and the right price, their promotion and postioning in the strategic stores. By applying the marketing mix levels and having a vision of the market according to the interest of the customer who care to maximize the value of his own purchases, Gheda Petfood aims at four key factors of success, which can be summarized as:

  • Product in Consumer: to focus on customer satisaction or on the kind of customer to satisty rather than on the product;
  • Price in Cost: costs incurred by the customer, that is all the costs he has to face in order to have the new product rather than an another one from a competitor;
  • Place in Convenience: with the rise of Internet and hybrid models of purchasing it is easier to purchase a product, to find it or get information about it;
  • Promotion in Communication: communication is a broader concept than promotion, which includes public relations, advertising and any type of relationship between the company and the consumer.

marketing-communicationAnd it is thanks to the Communication that Gheda Petfood wants to emphasize the quality of its products. The company’s committment is to make this quality available to everybody and to achieve as only goal the satisfaction of each customer. The company tries to do it thanks to the combination of quality and price, paying attention to the ratio costs/benefits. Moreover the company’s communication points to a constant updating of the information concerning products and news.

Press review



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