Ciuffi Bisko | Crunchy biscuits

Crispy biscuits for adult dogs of medium and large size. The biscuit has been designed to promote the dental health of dogs. Its effectiveness is determined by the envelopment effect carried, out on dogs' teeth by specific minerals which prevent the formation of tartar.


Available in packs of 500 gr.

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Achieved benefits

– The reduction of dental calculus is carried out by the concentration of mineral substances having chelating action, which bind the embedded calcium in the plaque forming inert and soluble complexes in the saliva, avoiding them to remain in the oral cavity
– The adherence of the biscuit on teeth promotes the removal of plaque thanks to the special texture, which prolongs the duration of the action carried out by the contained minerals

Active functions

– Dual action that combines the wraparound effect on teeth of the biscuit special texture that prolongs the demineralizing action (sequestering calcium in saliva) on tartar
– Vitamin D3 promotes the intestinal absorption of calcium by favoring the correct mineralization of bones and teeth
– Prolonged chewing to meet chewing dog’s gluttony


Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts, cynognostic and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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Crunchy biscuit
Complementary food for dogs.
Cereals, sugars, minerals (pentasodium triphosphate 0,6%), oils and fats, meat and animal derivatives.


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