Nutrition for cats

In this section, you may choose the most suitable product for your Cat.
In UNICA range of products, you will find the ideal natural recipe or the adequate response according to your cat’s physiology.

Unica Natura

Unica Natura is the Natural Super-Premium brand that satisfies the pure nutritional essence of cats. A SINGLE FOOD for their whole life that always maintains the same nutritional richness and satisfies every age, activity level and life condition.
The products are NO GLUTEN, PURE HOLISTIC and HUMAN FOOD CHAIN. Selected meats such as Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Raw Ham, Salmon and Cod fish are always in first place as the FIRST REAL INGREDIENT.

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Unica Classe

The 1st CLASS nutritional system considers the ethograms during the cat’s life (CONDITION CARE); the particular needs according to the age (LIFE NUTRITION); the physiological conditions (HEALTH PHYSIOLOGY) and also the cat’s lifestyle
(LIFE-STYLE), which is influenced by the owner with whom the cat shares his daily life, staying ALWAYS ACTIVE AND VITAL.

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