Nutrition for Dogs

In this section you may choose the most suitable product for your Dog.
In UNICA range of products, you will find the most effective healthy solution, the ideal natural recipe or the adequate response according to your dog’s physiology.

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Unica Gemma

Unica Gemma is a Functional Super-Premium product range developed by nutrition experts to be appropriate for any PHYSIO-PATHOLOGICAL INCLINATION throughout life of MINI, MEDIUM or MAXI sized dogs. These recipes are NUTRI-FUNCTIONAL, LOW GRAIN and SINGLE SOURCE. The amount of key nutrients supplied are proven to be effective and are associated with a single animal protein source in order to be functional to the specific dog’s inclination.

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Unica Natura

Unica Natura is the Natural Super-Premium product range that satisfies the dog’s pure nutritional essence. A SINGLE DIET for the dog’s whole life, maintaining always intact the same nutritional richness to satisfy every size, age, and lifestyle. The recipes are NO GLUTEN, PURE HOLISTIC and HUMAN FOOD CHAIN. Selected meats such as duck, lamb, raw ham, salmon, venison, and wild boar are always at the first place as FIRST REAL INGREDIENT.

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Unica Classe

The 1st CLASS nutritional system considers the physiological conditions during the dog’s life (CONDITION CARE); the particular needs of the different dog sizes (SIZE NUTRITION) and also the dog’s lifestyle (LIFE-STYLE), which is influenced by the owner with whom dogs share their daily life, staying ALWAYS BY HIS SIDE.

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