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Gheda importers

present in 45 countries all over the world

Gheda Petfood business model consists in a unique combination of different elements: presence of distributors all over the world, large range of innovative products, widespread distribution ensured by a balanced selection of national direct and indirect distribution channels.

Thanks to these distinctive elements, Gheda Petfood can be your Worldwide Partner for Pet Care. The wide range of extruded foods, pasta and biscuits, available both for professionals and for operators in the retail for Grocery and Specialist channels, make of Gheda Petfood a real point of reference in this sector.

A well-established history of successful products and the particular attention paid to research and development, in order to provide not simply products but real nutrition programs, represent the achievement of goals for the strategic management of Gheda Petfood.
According to its corporate vision, Gheda Petfood carries on acting as a goal – setter, encouranging its dealers to action, towards new future scenarios.

    Would you like to become a specialized dealer for Gheda Petfood?

    In order to support the sell-in and sell-out of its products, Gheda Petfood offers to its own dealers different kinds of incentives. In order to support its high quality products, rich of unique characteristics, the company will employ significant resources to boost its sales.

    The marketing activities include: communication materials for the explanation of the products, gadgets and important discounts. A set of initiatives that will ensure to all customers substantial rewards and many satisfactions.

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