Ciuffi Tris | Crunchy biscuits

Anti-tartar nutritious snacks for adult dogs of small size. The nourishing recipe meets the needs of dogs for a snack and also for the reduction of their tartar and plaque.


Available in packs of 500 gr.

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Achieved benefits

– The biscuits with chicken and milk satisfy the natural dog’s gluttony in the snack hour
– By following a balanced nutrition and with a proper use, dogs will feel satiated and satisfied, with the advantage of having promoted a good preventive action against plaque formation and tartar on teeth

Active functions

Little biscuit with milk and minerals that promotes your dog’s dental health. Thanks to its special texture that prolongs the contact time on the dog’s teeth – in the time frame meant for daily oral hygiene – it releases inhibiting substances against the formation of tartar and minerals from milk source.


Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts, cynognostic and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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Biscuits with chicken, milk and minerals
Complementary food for dogs.
Cereals, sugars, oils and fats, minerals (pentasodium triphosphate 0,6%), meat and animal derivatives (chicken 4%), milk and milk derivatives (0,9%*), derivatives of vegetable origin. *equivalent to 11,4% of rehydrated product.


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