Proper Form & Temper – Adult Lupoid | Dry

Specific tailor-made croquettes for the nutrition of adult dogs of medium-large size – lupoid breed. The complete and balanced formula “Maintenance & Lightness” maintains learning capacities at a high level and defends the intestine from possible attacks.


Available in packs of 800 gr, 3 kg and 12,5 kg.

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Key nutrients and achieved benefits

Elevated – Vit. E 750 mg/kg, Vit. C 160 mg/kg, Lutein, L-carnitine 300 mg/kg
Vitamin E, with Vitamin C and Lutein*, impede the process of aging linked to brain damage caused by free radicals and the association with Carnitine improves cellular metabolism, promoting the maintenance of learning ability, which is typical of this morpho-breed.
*extract of the dried petals of Marigold flowers (Tagetes erectas)

Specific – Vit. E 750 mg/kg, Vit. C 160 mg/kg, Se 0,45 mg/kg, Lutein
The antioxidant fortification carried out by the Antioxi-complex (Vit. E+Vit. C+Se+Lutein*) integrated with high and specific quantities improves the systemic immune defences, while the combination of MOS (supplied by yeast) and dietary fibre mix locally stimulates the immune system in the intestine.
*extract of the dried petals of Marigold flowers (Tagetes erectas)

Balanced – F.O.S. 1,00%, Beet pulp 6,00%
The supplied prebiotic substances (FOS + BEET PULP) selectively promote the beneficial intestinal flora, which hinders the uncontrolled proliferation of harmful bacterial species, preventing the intestinal loss of balance and improving the assimilation of nutritive elements, whose digestion is guaranteed by the use of selected highest quality ingredient, such as chicken, pork, rice and corn.

Added – Ω6 min. 2,40%, Ω3 min. 0,30%
Omega 6 – Omega 3 fatty acids and the vitamin-mineral integration promote the beauty of the coat and the skin health.

Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts, cynognostic and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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Croquettes rich in chicken and rice
Complete food for medium and large mesomorphic lupoid adult dogs.
Husked rice (20%), dehydrated chicken and turkey proteins (18%), greaves, maize, maize middlings, chicken fat, dried beet pulp (6%), fish meal, brewers’ yeast (2%), hydrolysed chicken proteins, linseed, pea fibre, fructo-oligosaccharides (1%), marigold dried blossoms (0,03%).


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