What to do in the event of drowning?

Cases of drowning in dogs and cats are not very frequent. As they can swim instinctively.

It can happen, however, that an animal falls into the water and suffers traumas that make swimming impossible, or it fails to get out of the water, and it wears itself out, eventually drowning. As it happens to animals falling in swimming pools or watercourse with strong currents and very steep banks.

The first thing to do is to remove the water in the lungs. If it is a cat or a small dog, the ideal is to put it upside down lifting it for the hind limbs. Compressing the chest with one hand for 2-3 seconds several times to facilitate the water release.
In large dogs, the same massage must be performed, using both hands, while they are lying on one side with the head held lower than the body. Respiratory recovery is signalled by the onset of respiratory movements and coughing. If they do not occur, artificial respiration must be carried out pending the intervention of the veterinarian.

 First Aid