Vets have always been the benchmark in the sector of animal’s health. Gheda Petfood wants to be a support for a continuous updating through its products.


The scientific veterinary information

The technical and scientific information in the veterinary clinics is therefore an essential element to provide vets the tools to undertake a specific therapeutic choice, based on a proper nutrition management. The aim is to describe the potentialities, the products and the nutritional concrete results deriving from their use in the daily nutrition, even when special needs occur.


Nutritional Handbook

This the instrument for an easy and quick reference to access to all physiology and diet products by Gheda Petfood. Find the handbook here attached.
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Gheda scientific focuses

veterinari-2The periodical scientific focus is the analysis on a theme developed by Gheda Petfood researchers and by nutrition technicians, belonging to Quality department, as for instance: documented research and tests applied on petfood field, or new initiatives and collaborations in R&D both with national and international university departments in order to compare experiences and enlarge the scientific basis, or regarding important technological innovations.
Discover here attached the scientific focuses prepared by our experts for this information campaign.

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