Research & Development

Research and development

The Research & Development Department consists of a staff of veterinarians, nutritionists and technicians specialized in the production, all aiming to offer the best nutritional response for animal health.
The key nutrients are dosed without compromises in terms of clinical efficacy related not to their mere presence in foods, but according to the real needs of the animals, in order to supply specific nutritional benefits with the sole purpose of achieving really evident clinical results.
Field trials carried out by our technicians do not involve any violence to animals through invasive or cruel tests.


Research process

In recent years also the field of animal nutrition has undergone deep changes imposed by deeper knowledge relating to animal physiology and specific nutritional needs. A fundamental shift from the classic concept of nutrition meant to meet the minimum food requirements, simply by providing sufficient energy and essential nutrients for survival, has taken place.

The impulse given by the veterinary and scientific research pushed this concept to gradually evolve with the aim to optimize the general well-being and the concept Nutrition for Healthy Living was born. On the basis of this boost Gheda Petfood Research & Development sector daily works on the formulation of foods which are not simply nutritious but which focus also on the following key points:

  • beneficial effects of specific nutrients to improve the physiological functions through the selection of natural active ingredients carefully dosed to achieve the real tested results;
  • risk reduction to develop diseases, through a daily preventive action in order to increase the prolongation of life expectancy of our animals;
  • health maintenance, to enhance the quality of life and promote longevity;
  • adaptation to the specific physiology, so that the animal doesn’t need to make efforts to adapt itself to the food.

The results obtained in recent years through the adoption of this food philosophy are reflected in the continuous development of innovative products. The tangible examples are the following:

  • food lines dedicated to particular nutritional requirements due to physio-pathological conditions, which take advantage of nutraceutical principles. These foods have been formulated in order to assist veterinary care thanks to the presence of effective natural substances which allow the reduction – where possible – of dosages of medications or supplements, without side effects;
  • the careful study and the deep knowledge of the constitution of dogs let Gheda Petfood to conceive foods tailored to the specificic dog’s morphology and function, allowing the animal to fully express its genetic potential and prevent its naturally prone sensitivities;
  • thanks to the union of the Italian confectionary tradition and the modern research Gheda Petfood has conceived unique biscuits for the market, which are irrestible from the organoleptic point of view and highly functional. These different biscuits fulfill the needs of oral hygiene at different levels, they adjust the glycemic metabolism, they support the cardiac and immune efficacy or they might be a complete meal. Some of these biscuits can be considered as dietary supplements thanks to their high content of specific vitamins and minerals, together with their nutrition purpose.