Gemma Diet – Adult & Mature Sensible Renal | Dry

Specific dietetic croquettes for adult and mature dogs, prone to renal problems. The complete and balanced formula “Acti Plus Low Urinary pH” assists the renal functions in case of chronic kidney deficiency and it is recommended to defend dogs from intolerances to land animal proteins.


Available in packs of 800 gr, 3 kg and 15 kg.

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Key nutraceutic factors and achieved benefits



Elimination diet avoiding most common food allergens


– It reduces renal hypertension and improves renal blood flow
– It improves filtration index


It protects against organic decay depending on the oxidative stress of kidneys


It reduces urinary pH to counteract the struvite stone formation


– Phosphorus and protein restriction to slow down the renal damage progression
– It meets essential requirements

* Milk thistle extract natural source of silymarin

Reno-protective effect against nephro-toxic agents


It maintains the heart function in dogs undergoing protein restriction


Using Gemma Diet Adult & Mature Sensible Renal in the daily and long-term nutrition guarantees the complete fulfillment of nutritional needs in dogs having allergic reactions, who are prone to the reduction of the renal function and to the formation of urinary struvite stones.

Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts, cynognostic and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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Gemma Diet Adult & Mature Sensible Renal
Complete dietetic pet food for dogs, suitable for the reduction of food intolerances to animal proteins having terrestrial origin and to support renal function in case of chronic renal insufficiency.
Maize, wheat middlings, soya meal, oils and fats, husked rice, fish meal (5%), dried beet pulp, hydrolysed fish proteins, brewers’ yeast, calcium sulphate (0,85%), fructo-oligosaccharides.


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