What to do in case of the presence of a foreign body?

If a foreign body enters the pharynx or the trachea, the animal is restless, it gasps, it keeps the head extended forward, it loses abundant saliva from the mouth, and the tongue may appear bluish. The situation is a serious emergency, and it is necessary to act promptly.

First, it is necessary to open the mouth of the animal by grasping the upper jaw with the left hand while lowering the lower jaw with the right hand and, if it is possible to locate the object, try to remove it.

If this attempt fails, it is necessary to grab the animal by the hind limbs and turn it with the head downwards, shaking it energetically and, if this is not enough, compressing its chest with the hands.

If it is a large dog and you just cannot lift it, you can lie it on one side and compress the chest rhythmically to facilitate the expulsion of the foreign body. On these occasions, every minute is precious, and we must act as quickly and decisively as possible.

 First Aid