What to do in the event of an insect bite?

Insect bites sometimes cause a symptomatology in dogs and cats that alarms the owners. The animal suddenly begins to moan and rub its snout, which in a few minutes inflates to the point of making the animal unrecognizable and reducing the eyes to two thin crevices. These are allergic attacks caused by toxic substances produced by spiders, bees, and hornets.
In rare cases oedema can extend to the mouth, larynx and pharynx causing breathing difficulties sometimes with dramatic consequences. If it is possible to identify the precise location of the puncture, it is necessary to check that the sting is not still present, which must be removed with some tweezers. Apply ice or cold-water tablets to the puncture site.
General therapy is based on administration of cortisone by subcutaneous injection. In the absence of improvements, therapy can be repeated after 8-10 hours. In most cases the symptomatology disappears after 24 to 36 hours, in any case it is good to contact your veterinarian.

 First Aid