What to do in the event of a bite wound?

Bite wounds are frequent in dogs and cats due to fighting. If the wound is about two centimetres long and shallow, it is sufficient to carefully cut the hair at the edges of the lesion. Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide and apply antibiotic ointment. In these cases, a suture is not only not necessary, but it is inadvisable because it does not allow the removal of any serous, blood or purulent collections.

In the following days, the part must be kept clean by washing with water and disinfectant and gently squeeze the surrounding area to release the liquids that may form and repeat the application of the ointment twice a day, administering, if there is an involvement of the surrounding tissues, systemic antibiotics. If the wound is wide and there is a detachment of a large part of the underlying tissues, the part must be washed and disinfected; if necessary, limit the bleeding by applying ice and haemostatic cotton tablets and immediately resort to the intervention of the veterinarian.

 First Aid