What to do in case of seizures?

Seizures in dogs and cats are caused by sudden disturbances of brain activity. There are contractions and tremors affecting the entire body.

During seizures, which can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, animals can lose stool and urine in addition to being unconscious. Seizures can occur only once in a lifetime or recur with a frequency ranging from a few times a year to many times in a day. Depending on the causes that can be many: genetic disorders, metabolic, infectious, or congenital diseases.
The appearance of a seizure is always a dramatic fact for the owners who are very impressed. The owner must remain calm because in most cases the crisis ends spontaneously. All objects that could injure the animal must be removed from close proximity and the animal should covered with a blanket avoiding making noise in order not to worsen its psychic state.
Do not shake the animal, but softly speak to reassure it. The treatment of seizures always requires the intervention of the veterinarian, only in the rare cases when he crisis does not seem to stop, and the doctor cannot intervene promptly it is necessary to subcutaneously inject a sedative product.

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