Why does the male dog like the scratch on its chest?

Scratching the chest of a male specimen, between the front legs, is a source of great pleasure for the dog and the reason is easily imaginable: in the mounting phase, during the thrusts that occur in the pelvic area, the chest of the male scratch rhythmically on the back of the female. Repeating the rubbing movement with the hand, we stimulate those bells of pleasure hidden somewhere in the dog brain. If we want to thank or “reward” the dog for his good deed, the best accepted gratification is undoubtedly this..

A scratch behind its ears

It is also very welcomed, and sexual behaviour once more provide for a clear information. Lick, sniff, nibble ears are all messages that are part of the language of courtship.
Another way to entertain yourself gently with your dog is to gently push it away while it tries to play with us. At that exact moment we agreed to your request to have fun.

The dog will immediately come back, asking to be pushed away again, and the game will continue, perhaps even adding some delicate bite. The dog will bite our hand and leave us the chance to grab its jaws. If all the movements and steps of the game are gentle, we will have taken another small step on the path of the affective bond between us and the dog.

The so-called “pat” on the back is also a very common form of contact. For humans this is a significant action: it is easy to see two people meeting, hugging, and vigorously hitting each other on the back. For dogs, on the other hand, the benefit that is obtained is different, as dogs are not used to hug. They probably interpret the pat on their back or belly as the contact of a paw or a snout. It is an action that puppies often perform on their mother’s womb and that submissive dogs reserve for the leader of the herd where they live.

Domestic Dogs

On the domestic dog, therefore, the pat aims at signalling an attitude of submission on our part or, better yet, given our overlying figure, an attitude of serenity and sociability. In fact, even the dominant dogs similarly behave towards the submissive: with paws or a nose stroke, they reassure the submissive about their intentions as dominant.
Finally, many dogs find the stroking on the headparticularly pleasant, especially along the line of the jaws. Due to frequent but slight irritation to the mouth, the dog must rub it against hard, rough objects to relieve its discomfort, such as a piece of furniture or a tree. The fact that the man replaces the furniture with a soft and warm stroking, is much appreciated by our companion.

However, there is a form of contact that the dog does not like: long washing and brushing operations for competition dogs. The dog certainly cannot understand the reason for all those hours spent in the water or under a brush; however, not being able avoid it, it undergoes it stoically, just as if it were at the mercy of a similar bully. Human beings are really lucky to have, as life companions, these animals so sociable, patient, and loyal to “duty”.

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