Vomiting in the dog: causes and solutions

Vomiting in the dog: causes and solutions

The vomit (expulsion of the gastrointestinal contents) may have different causes and it must not be confused with the regurgitation (expulsion of a foreign body). The vomit in the dog can be caused by a meal consumed with too much greediness, by swallowing something  unpleasant, by a hit of cold or by a fast. In these cases the phenomenon will disappear without creating big problems to the animal and the dog will be back to his  quiet routine.

Usually the vomit is a mechanism used by the organism  to defend itself, but if this occurs too frequently,  it will be necessary to take the dog to your  trusted veterinarian, before the symptom causes weakening to the animal. In fact if you do not take care promptly of the vomit, it would bring the animal to a chronic debilitation with serious consequences at metabolic level. Furthermore the vomit in concomitance with other symptoms, such as lack of appetite, fever, increase of peeing, loss of weight etc. could reveal an acute pathology or an infection in progress.

The colour and the smell of the vomit are important for a correct diagnosis:

– if the vomit is yellowish without traces of food, it is due to a wrong nutrition, the dog eats too little and has  only one meal a day;

– if the vomit has some traces of blood, probably some capillaries split due to the vomit strain;

– if there is a smell of urine in the vomit the animal suffers from serious renal insufficiency;

– if there is a smell of feces probably an intestinal occlusioni s in progress;

– if you see  dark blood in the vomit, an infection might be in progress.

At any rate it would be opportune to  take the dog  to the veterinarian to take a decision. Furthermore  the dog could have ingested a toxic plant, some poisonous food or have a parasitic desease. Only the veterinarian can understand what is going on with your dog and take care of him properly. Once the veterinarian understands  what the vomit  is due, he will put the dog  under  treatment up to the disappearance of the phenomenon and, in certain cases,  the enhancement  is visible already after 24 hours.

Gheda Petfood has conceived a product that is particularly suitable to help the dog in case of vomiting and intestinal disorders:  Gemma Diet “Adult & Mature Sensible Intestinal”. The product gives  a specific supply of electrolytes (balanced substances present in the plasma) which decrease in case of vomit,  causing weakness in the patient. The product has been conceived to assist enfeebled dogs also at gastroenteric level.


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