When and how to reward the dog

8 May 2017|In Dog|6 Minutes

The first rules.

Anyone wants that his own dog learns by listening and following the basic commands like: “sit”, “stay”, “come”… .But you are never sure which is the best way. This mini guide will give you some ideas to better navigate the dense jungle of rules by understanding when and rewarding your dog.

First of all consider that puppies begin to learn while they are with their mother and by playing with their siblings, by struggling and exerting self-control. Therefore it is essential that puppies stay up to 60 days of life with their own mother, Qto explore the outside world.

To encourage good manners it is important to correct puppy’s improper actions with a few words and immediately after ask him to act differently. As soon as the correct action is performed, the puppy should be rewarded. In this way you can stop the wrong behavior and then propose an alternative action with calm and gentle voice. This should not be as a command, but as part of an interactive game which will be rewarded.

During training it is important to manage his excesses of excitement, like when you take him to the park, where the puppy – due to noise, lights and smells – may have his emotional state altered. In these cases it is appropriate to distract the puppy or to actas if you were indifferent until he calms down. Once the puppy stops, he must be rewarded to make him understrand that he must remain quiet and seated.

Therefore for the training it is necessary to always keep on hand tasty food to use as a reward, , preferably healthy and nutritious snacks such as those prepared by a mother for her child. With this food you can play with your puppy: hold it in your hand and let your puppy see and smell it. This will trigger his desire to jump on you, licking you or barking. Make your dog clearly understand that this is not the behavior that you like, so he will calm down and sit to receive the award. In this way you will strengthen his self-control and teach him to wait for the food.

Always consider that puppies can forget what we are teaching them because they are still growing. For this reason we must always have a lot of patience and promote their learning through positive messages and not throught positive messages and not through punishments.

We work to make them grow

With this mission, we at Gheda Petfood have created the Unica Classe snack line, biscuits with different flavours and tastes, to satisfy the palate of dogs and promote their good manners. The range consists of 6 delicious varieties of biscuits, according to the dog’s size.


For the small dog the MINOR Sensible is ideal. A delicious and fragrant micro-bone biscuit flavored with chicken cooked in the oven. The biscuit is small due to its reduced jaws and contains a specific mineral with an anti-tartar action (find out more).


To satisfy medium-sized dogs, TRIS Sensible is born, 3 delicious little biscuits in the shape of a small bone, for a triple-flavored snack: chicken, milk and minerals; are crunchy baked snacks. The biscuit has an ergonomic shape to facilitate chewing and contains a specific mineral with an anti-tartar action (find out more).


For the needs of the big jaws, 2 different biscuit snacks are born: MAJOR Sensible and POKER Sweet. The MAJOR Sensible is a delicious crunchy biscuit snack with a chicken flavor and vitamins to offer maximum nutrition and taste. The biscuit has an increased size for the large jaws and contains a specific anti-tartar mineral (find out more).

The POKER Sweet is composed of 4 durable chicken, beef, lamb and mint flavored biscuit snacks which thanks to their specific texture help to naturally clean the teeth (find out more).


FROLLY Enjoy and ROLLER Enjoy are suitable for dogs of all sizes; the first with Chicken and Spinach is a delicate shortbread in the shape of a bone, naturally without dyes and preservatives, which favors education and play (find out more). The second has a tasty chicken filling, a real delicacy with a delicious taste without equal in palatability, naturally without dyes and preservatives (find out more). The very high palatability of these shortbread snacks are the feature that makes them the perfect “reward”: a real reward for your dog.