Teaching your new puppy to potty outside

6 June 2016|In Dog|3 Minutes
insegnare cucciolo pipi

When you bring home a puppy, the joy is uncontainable: his look, his pranks are incredibly fascinating, as well as when he wants that you keep paying attention to him. Therefore you might be willing to grant him everything, convinced that with when he grows up he will learn how to behave. But it is not that way: since the early months it is necessary to teach him – with loving but firm tones – what he should not do. If you do not do it, you risk that the puppy acquires bad habits, more and more difficult to correct when time goes by.

How to handle the situation

One of the situations that everyone has to deal with a puppy, is to teach him where to do his physiological needs.

Usually when the puppy comes home, he does not know which is the right place to potty and he can not imagine what we think it is the correct one.

His own mother, in fact, has only taught him not to potty where he sleeps, eats and drinks, but ant other place out of the den is considered as a good place. It is important to teach immediately that the proper place to potty is outside the home, in order to avoid confusion later.

Therefore it is important to take out the puppy as often as possible and give him a prize every time he does his physiological needs, in order to strengthen this correct behavior. Due to his low physiological self-control in retaining his own physiological needs, the puppy should not be punished if you find his excrements in the house. It is a basic rule not to punish the dog to correct a wrong behavior if it has already occurred. In these cases it is useless to get angry. If the dog has already started to potty there is no way to stop him. On the contrary if you see that the puppy is whining or is upset, you can try to stop him, distracting him or taking him out right away. By growing up, the puppy will improve his behavior and by pottying near the door, he will show that he needs to get out.

Generally, after a month and a half his feces should no longer be found in the house, while for the urine more time might be needed. The prize that is systematically given to the puppy any time he does his physiological needs outside, definitely speeds up the learning process and the puppy shall want to go out right to get the prize, feeling this educational activity as a funny game.