Allergic dermatitis in dogs

5 June 2015|In Dog|2 Minutes
cane dermatite 1

When summer begins, the skin of dogs can be prone to dermatitis. Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin that causes intense itching and is manifested by redness, dandruff and scabs. The intense itching leads dogs to scratch, lick and bite themselves repeatedly, causing their hair loss. As first signs revealing this problem sometimes you can see dogs shaking their heads frequently and have a sense of restlessness. The dermatitis of allergic origin is defined atopic when it is caused by environmental allergens and therefore it manifests itself seasonally. Allergy can also be caused by the bite of fleas or may have as underlying cause fungal infections or hormonal disorders.

The most affected areas are usually related to the type of dermatitis, but generally they are: abdomen; armpits; at the base of the tail; back; distal ends between toes; elbows; hocks; ears; muzzle; perianal area.

Chronic inflammation can lead to the formation of pustules, sores and ulcers in the skin, which can even bleed. For this reason when the first symptoms are manifested, it is advisable to bring your dog to the vet, who will establish the cause of the irritation. According to the case and to seriousness of the problem, it may be necessary:

  • a change of diet, if the animal has a food-related allergy;
  • antihistamines in case of allergy;
  • anti-inflammatory prescriptions or integration with essential fatty acids in case the dog is very restlessness due to the strong itching;
  • antifungal prescriptions or medicated shampoo for fungal infections;
  • antibiotics or antibacterial shampoo for secondary bacterial infection;
  • soothing bath to soften the skin.