UNICA NATURA – Unico Maxi – Duck, Rice and Potatoes | Dry

Gluten-free and holistic natural croquettes for medium, large and giant (M-L-XL) dogs of all ages. The formula is particularly suitable to assist digestion and intestinal well-being in dogs, thanks to the digestibility of the contained raw materials. Finally it contains Glucosamine to maintain the integrity of joint structure, more stressed in large-sized dogs.

Unique (UNICA) is the nourishment that the mother in nature (NATURA) shares with its puppy and the latter it will carry on eating this kind of food also in the adult phase, for the rest of its life.


Available in packs of 2,5 kg and 12 kg.

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Key factors and archieved benefits

Real ingredient with only 100% of dehydrated duck meat, without any mixture with lower-grade protein sources. It is an alternative meat that stands out for the high content of essential amino acids and powerful natural palatable substances.

It is the most digestible cereal that does not contain gluten. Therefore it is also suitable for intolerant pets.

The carbohydrates supplied are the most digestible for dogs, ensuring a good digestive outcome. They are also a source of vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B5, as well as carotenoids and phytosterols.

Important multi-vitamin complex particularly rich in B group vitamins and phytosterols. Significant source of tryptophan, amino acid precursor of serotonin, well-known as hormone having a calming effect. It is very important for the maintenance of psycho-physical well-being and the control of latent aggressivity.

Powerful natural antioxidant blend. Rosemary is rich in carnosic acid and other bio-flavonoids, having anti-bacterial, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has a special starch, resistant to the digestion in the stomach which, arriving intact into the intestine, promotes prebiotic effects, positively influencing glycemia and blood cholesterol.

Technical data sheet

Specific indications, analytical constituents, additives, daily feeding amounts and much more in the complete technical data sheet of the product.

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