Diarrhea in dogs and cats

16 January 2015|In Cat, Dog|2 Minutes
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During winter time dogs and cats might be more frequently exposed to the chill, which cause alterations especially at intestine level. A window left open, the shift of the pet from a warm to a cold place or the ingestion of cold water are enough to trigger diarrhea, which may be related to the inflammation of the small or of the large intestine. There can be many causes, but usually these are forms of disease provoked by opportunistic pathogens infectious agents that cause diarrhea influenced by the lowering of the pet’s defenses. Diarrhea is manifested by a higher content of water in the stool often accompanied by increased stool frequency, as a result of poor food assimilation or direct damage caused by infectious agents at intestine level. Also the color of feces can be altered, in relation to the involved infectious agents. Finally, if you notice any blood in the stool you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Diarrhea is in most cases a self-limiting condition, resolving within a few days without permanent damage. In any case, especially if the situation does not better, it would be advisable to consult your vet to determine the cause of the problem and implement all necessary measures to resolve the situation. If diarrhea persists it must not be underestimated because it causes dehydration of the pet, and then determines the reduction of the circulating blood volume. It also causes loss of minerals which are essential to maintain the acid-base balance in the blood. Finally hinders digestion and assimilation of nutrients, that if are not absorbed can lead to physical deterioration of the pet.

It is very important to listen to the indications of your veterinarian to successfully overcome the situation and follow the indicated medical protocol that also includes the nutrition management. In fact in these cases specifically formulated foods should be employed to aid digestion and assimilation, helping the intestine to resume its functionality.

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