What to do in the event of an electrocution?

Curiosity and the tendency to nibble on everything they find, make dogs and cats, especially puppies, often running the risk of coming into contact with electrical wires and sockets. Unfortunately, they are not always suitably protected.

In most cases the lesions are located at the level of the oral cavity. They look like burns. While the effects of the passage of electricity in the body appear with shock, decrease in blood pressure, alteration of cardiac activity and loss of consciousness.

If one animal suffered from an electric shock, the situation is serious, and the owner must act promptly.
The severity of general symptoms depends on the intensity and duration of the shock. The animal may have muscle contractions, convulsions, cardiac fibrillation, pulmonary oedema, and unconsciousness. If the animal does not show any signs of life, cardiac massage and artificial respiration should be performed pending the intervention of the veterinarian.

 First Aid