Mediterranean Diet even for Fido

18 March 2014|In Dog|2 Minutes
news sapore mediterraneo

The undisputed dietary and nutritional benefits of pasta make this product the fundamental food for a proper nutrition not only for men but also for our four-legged friends. Indeed latest scientific discoveries have emphasized that even among animals, as it is among humans, pasta has a main role among food with high caloric value.

Pasta has the unique feature of keeping the gastro-intestinal track in perfect homeostasis and of giving the body a feeling of optimal well-being.
Gheda Petfood, wanted to add to pasta natural quality, the qualities of practicality for a quick intake, creating the Precooked Pasta ready for use.

The purpose was to avoid unnecessary efforts and troubles to the owner who had to cook the pasta often even in large amounts for his dogs and wash pots. The internal results and the feedback received by our Italian customers have been so satisfactory that have persuaded Gheda Petfood to launch this goodness “made in Italy” on the European market. These results were obtained because the Precooked Pasta preserves the organoleptic properties of the true Mediterranean pasta, produced following the typical recipe. The selection of noble ingredients, the control of the production process and the control of the cooking with high technology are the elements determining the success of this product.

The richness of complex carbohydrates and the right amount of fibers, carefully regulated in a specific formula, give the product high energy levels, ready for absorption since the starches contained in the product have been cooked during the pasteurization process. The secret of its goodness and handiness is not difficult to find: the mixing of good durum wheat, the producing with bronze dies and the drying at low temperatures after a careful baking, make the difference.

The know-how applied guarantees a high service; the product in addition of being ready to use, assures good absorption of starch gelatinized without altering the proteinic gluten structure, vice versa enhances its organoleptic-nutritional and held property.