Abandonment is barbarity

18 July 2014|In Cat, Dog|2 Minutes
locandina anti abbandono 2014

The phenomenon of abandonment has its peak in summer time, when people go on holiday and are annoyed and think it is impossible to bring along pets, or consider too expensive to leave their pet at a boarding kennel. The absence of a sense of duty and respect of these people who abandon their pets can cause car crashes, make pets living on streets or let them die.

Abandonment phenomenon is not just for dogs and cats, but lately also the so-called exotic species are involved in this barbarity. Although in recent years, many tourist facilities are equipped to accommodate us with our animals and the number of facilities taking care of animals during holiday time have increased – even with assistance at home – this phenomenon has not ended yet. Summer brings also the implementation of many campaigns against the abandonment of dogs and all pets, through media communications: television, radio, posters, internet, etc.

The abandonment of dogs leads to an almost certain death sentence. Dogs have a lower spirit of adaptation than cats: for them it would be harder to track down a source of water or food. Consider that most of them lived and depended only on their owners, living in their houses or gardens. Dogs share almost all the fun and affective activities of the family and depend on their owners also for the maintenance of their good health, hygiene and grooming. Abandoning breaks the trust established over time between animal and owner, causing in dogs a sense of worthlessness, making them disoriented and sad for something that they do not even understand.

In 2004, thanks to a raising awareness, the abandonment became a crime punished with fines up to € 10,000 or even imprisonment up to one year. Abandonment is barbarity, so we all have to make efforts in order that this blameworthy phenomenon disappears!