On vacation with pets

21 July 2014|In Cat, Dog|3 Minutes
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Summer is here, and the heat is unbearable for us and for our four-legged friends. Dogs suffer from heat much more than people, therefore avoid exposing him to the sun for a long time. The breeds most at risk of suffering from high temperatures are brachycephalic dogs, such as Pekingeses, Pugs, Bulldogs and Boxers, who have more problems in adjusting their body temperature due to the structure of the upper respiratory tract. In any case, even older dogs, puppies and dogs not in optimal physical conditions may be subject to heat stroke.


If your pet can not stay 24 hours in a cool room, these tips may somehow assist you and your pet during summer:

  • Too much air conditioning is unhealthy especially if associated with sudden changes of temperature.
  • Avoid the hottest hours for walking.
  • Always clean the bowl where the pet eats, to prevent the formation of bacteria, which develop especially in summer.
  • When traveling stop regularly to allow your pet drinking and avoid sudden turns: these are the best things to do for a good trip.
  • Before leaving for holidays ask your vet for a check-up to your pet to avoid any problem during your vacation.

Some years ago it was hard to find accommodations for us together with our four-legged friends, but now it is no longer like that. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages, apartments and campsites are equipped to accommodate pets with adequate services and now there are several dedicated web-sites to provide you these information. When you leave for a trip with your dog / cat you have to make sure that:

  • 30 days before you leave: all vaccinations have been made; the fingertips of the dog are sufficiently hard, if they are too soft ask for advice to your veterinary;
  • 15 days before you leave: if your pet will be in contact with other animals, administer him a vermicide; bring your first aid kit; bring a certificate of good health if you go abroad;
  • 1 day before you leave: the last meal must take place 10 hours before departure; prepare a bottle of water, a bowl for water and food, brush, mat for rest and bags for organic waste;
  • The day of departure: a) if necessary administer an anti-nausea drug or an appeasing.