What to do in case of mouth bleeding?

In dogs and cats, mouth bleeding occurs as a result of trauma to the oral cavity caused by accidents. The lips, labial vestibule, gums, and teeth should be observed by removing any blood with a jet of cold water. To explore the inside of the oral cavity, open the mouth paying the due attention because, if the animal suffered a strong trauma, there may be a fracture of the jaw.

Look at the palate, where longitudinal fractures are frequently found in cats fallen from balconies, and the tongue whose wounds are extremely bloody.
Pad the bleeding wounds of the oral cavity with cotton soaked in ice water and compressing the cotton tablets, possibly haemostatic cotton, on the part. If the bleeding is massive, subcutaneously inject a coagulant and apply a few drops directly to the wound while immediately ask for the advice of the veterinarian.

 First Aid